Pack Weight Loss – Hilma – Cytomel / Clenbuterol (8 weeks)

$ 82

An ideal 8 weeks cycle for weight loss with Cytomel and Clenbuterol oral steroids.

t3-Liothyronine-cytomel-25mcg-Hilma-50tabs × 2

Cytomel is a thyroid hormone and speeds up the metabolism causing a faster conversion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This drug is usually used as a part of cut (dieting) cycles. Stack of Cytomel and Clenbuterol is probably the best fat burning stack.

$ 28 each


Clenbuterol produces a strong fat-burning effect. It burns fat without any dieting. Among professionals Clen is very popular in preparation for a competition. Especially intense fat burning occurs when combined with thyroid hormone drug called Cytomel.

$ 27


Pack Weight Loss – Hilma – Cytomel / Clenbuterol


  • Cytomel 

Week 1 : Take 1 tabs of Cytomel 25mcg per day

Week 2 to 8: Take 2 tabs of  Cytomel 50mcg per day

  • Clenbuterol 

Week 1: Take 1 tabs of Clenbuterol = 40mcg per day (2 days off , 2 days on)

Week 2: Take 2 tabs of Clenbuterol = 80mcg per day (2 days off , 2 days on)

Week 3 to 6 : Take 3 tabs of Clenbuterol = 120mcg per day (2 days off , 2 days on)

Week 7 to 8 : Take 4 tabs of Clenbuterol = 160mcg per day (2 days off , 2 days on)




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