Anabolic Steroids FAQ

To answer all of the most frequently asked questions, here is a very comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. We recommend you read this article before asking any questions to our customer service team, as you’ll probably find the answers to all your questions here.

Originally launched by the Soviet Union to improve their competitiveness in international competitions (Olympics), anabolic steroids are the basic natural derivatives of testosterone. However, these first generation steroids have not only increased muscle growth, but also have strong masculinizing effects on the user. Starting in the 1970s, doctors and scientists began researching new derivatives of testosterone that promoted muscle growth with fewer side effects.

Over the last thirty years, scientists have tried to develop steroids that preferentially stimulate the androgen receptors on muscle cells. Significant progress has been made in this endeavor, and today’s steroids have much less androgenic side effects than those used by the Soviet Union thirty years ago.

Although there are many medical conditions for which steroids are used legitimately in our time as treatment, anabolic steroids are better known to improve athletic performance. Virtually all major sports leagues prohibit the use of anabolic steroids, although this does not necessarily preclude their use. The use of anabolic steroids among people for cosmetic purposes is also very common.

Anabolic steroids produce an increase in muscle mass, physical strength, and are consequently used in sport, especially in bodybuilding. From a physiological point of view, anabolic steroids act on muscle mass:

firstly, they increase the production of proteins,
secondly, they reduce recovery time by blocking the effects of cortisol on muscle tissue, so that catabolism of the muscle is greatly reduced.

Anabolic steroids also affect the number of cells that develop into fat storage cells, by favoring cellular differentiation into muscle cells. Anabolic steroids therefore have an important effect on reducing fat.

There is a lot of concern and controversy about the real danger posed by the use of anabolic steroids. Research shows that most of the problems associated with the consumption of anabolic steroids happens with people who elevate the prescribed dosage, who do not follow proper dosing instructions, and who do not use necessary protections such as anti-estrogens. It is obvious that taking anabolic steroids requires the advice and support of real professionals. You must follow the dosage and not attempt to double or increase your dosage to achieve faster results. You must also have a healthy lifestyle and exemplary fitness program and the most important point is to always use the necessary protection.

We invite you to contact us before you purchase anabolic steroids to speak with a real specialist about the most suitable type and dosage of steroids for you.

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The use of higher doses than those recommended based on your weight and your health is a problem. Not only do high doses create too much stress on the liver and kidneys, which can cause damage, but high-dose steroids are not the most effective.

The aromatization (estrogen steroid conversion) and the suppression of the production of testosterone in the body are greater when high doses are used. The body can only use a defined amount of a synthetic steroid. It will not recognize any excessive dosage and most often it will be converted into estrogen. Once a steroid receptor site (such as a skeletal muscle or secondary) is “full”, a corresponding increase in steroid dose will provide no further positive advantage.

You should know that the notion that many successful bodybuilders, strength athletes, and supermodels have taken up to 50 tablets of D-Bol per day and 2000 mg of testosterone per week to develop their ripped physiques are totally false.

The opposite of excessive dosage is of course, insufficient dosage. If a steroid is under-dosed then the effects of the product are likely to be negligible. This is why many bodybuilders mix several different steroids (stack).

By using multiple steroids at the same time, athletes can use lower doses of each product and thus avoid depleted receptors and limit side effects.

The other important consideration when using steroids is the “cycle”. This is the period of time during which the athlete takes a steroid. Most cycles usually last 8 to 12 weeks, then the athlete starts a “post cycle” of typically 3 weeks.

In many cases, an athlete can simply ignore that steroids should not exceed 8 to 12 weeks (excluding post cycle). Many athletes use steroids regularly up to 6 months, a year, or more. Remember Schwarzenegger in the 70s? This practice is dangerous and ineffective. The prolonged use of steroids puts stress on the liver and kidneys.

This damage often shows no symptoms, until serious damage occurs. Furthermore, steroids often fail to extend the anabolic effects beyond 12 weeks. The positive nitrogen balance that is a primary benefit of using steroids diminishes after 12 weeks.

Continuous intake of steroids is therefore ineffective.

Indeed, research shows that taking steroids is more effective and safe when used in a progressive starting cycle (there is a dose escalation) and a declining cycle end (gradual dose reduction). Indeed, the body and the receptors adapt better during the progressive cycle and facilitates positive nitrogen balance.

Research also demonstrates that side effects, strength losses, and weight losses suffered following cycle can be minimized by an appropriate cycle of decline. This is a gradual dose reduction at the end of a cycle in order to allow the recovery of the body’s natural production of testosterone. You must also consider that a novice or an athlete who has a longer off cycle should always follow a gradual departure cycle.

Unlike many steroid users who take only a few weeks off before repeating a cycle, you have to allow the body to return to normal and recover from any stress suffered during the cycle. In addition, steroid receptors are much more active when they were turned off for an extended period of time.

Most report that the longer they remain off, the more effective they are in a new cycle.

Ignoring the importance of nutrition can completely impair the positive effects of steroids, and further increase the side effects. Anabolic steroids are most effective when used with a diet rich in protein. An optimal diet involves consuming at least 5,000 calories per day. Most people regularly consume 2,500 to 3,000 calories per day. Moreover, intense workouts require a diet high in calories; it is one of the most important factors to cause significant muscle gains.

In other words, a gain of 20 kg of lean muscle contains 60% of calories, 20% complex carbohydrates, and 20% protein and fat. Dietary supplements may be needed to achieve this. Many athletes do not eat enough food or if they do, too often they eat too much fat, rendering the steroids less than 100% effective. The anabolic steroids themselves can increase cholesterol levels and blood pressure, which is why a diet low in fat is very strongly recommended during your treatment.

You have to work initially with heavy weights to create a state of catabolism in the body. Steroids are most effective in this situation. An athlete can attain this state with regular intense training. Workouts should be progressive and involve maximum weights.

For example, when running a set, if you are able to complete ten repetitions without the help of a partner, that set was performed with a weight that was too light. However, experts often disagree as to the length of an effective training session.

Some think 20 minutes and others believe 3 hours, however they all agree that the last two or three reps of each set should not be made entirely without assistance. This is true for both steroid users and non-users.

Generally steroid pills are used during the first treatments with highly appreciated results, especially with Dianabol. But the injectable steroids are more effective in most cases because they not only provide a steady influx of the active ingredient into the bloodstream, but above all, they are not subject to the first filter: the liver. From the moment an oral steroid goes through the liver, it loses much of its power and causes a lot of stress to the body.

Yes, there are a lot of fake steroids on the market, obviously on the internet but also in the weight room. This is a huge market in perpetual evolution. Fake steroids are used by thousands of unsuspecting athletes. Some of these steroids can contain impurities that cause infections or poisoning. There are other types of false steroids which simply contain inert ingredients which obviously do not result in any muscle gain. Fake steroids pose a serious threat to athletes. In any case, beware of low prices, raw materials, and manufacturing costs, even at a production scale.

Beware of poorly made websites, there are many sites in search of maximum profits that buy and sell fake steroids (or under dosed drugs) without knowing it themselves.

In addition, all steroids or hormones should have an expiration date and lot number. On legitimate production, they are written by inkjet label after production. There is always a separate process for printing the label of a unit (100,000 copies, for example) and batch printing date and expiry on every production batch thereafter (Batch 1000 for example). On many fakes, false numbers are printed with the label at the same time.

You also have the option when buying several bottles of injectable steroids to check that the liquid is at the same level on all vials. If the result of false generation, the liquid will not be uniform in all vials.

It is almost incredible, but there are also very often misspellings or typos on the labels of counterfeit products. Pay particular attention to labels and boxes.

It is increasingly difficult to recognize a counterfeit which is why we advise you to check the authenticity of products on the laboratory site, which allows you to be 100% sure that the product purchased on our site is an original guaranteed by the brand.

Information is the key to safe and effective use. This point deserves particular attention. The information should come from a reliable and competent source. Many athletes begin a cycle with only the advice of a friend, but too often, these statements are based only on anecdotes regardless of the reality. Finally, it is important to realize that the knowledge of steroids in the medical community varies from one specialist to another. Some have excellent information (including sports doctor) and others have too general knowledge and views. Make sure to request the information from a real specialist, with studies, history, and the necessary experience. With over 10 years of experience in taking anabolic steroids and 5 years of high-level sport, our specialized dietitian has the knowledge to recommend cycles and dosages and advise you on all stages of taking anabolic steroids. We also recommend you popular forums like Meso-RX or information sites like

It is important to know that to administer injections requires expertise and knowledge, especially with respect to a strictly sterile environment. Several choices are available to you:

Ask your doctor. You should know that even at the doctors, steroids remain largely unknown. Apart from the sports medicine specialist, your doctor may be reluctant to administer your first injections. If you are a sports practitioner and see the doctor regularly, there will usually be no problem with your sports doctor.

Ask a friend. Indeed many athletes help each other to perform the injections. It is extremely important to never use the same syringe twice. Never use another person’s syringe or share needles. You need to carefully wash your hands and disinfect the skin with an alcohol swab.

Self-administration: Subcutaneous injection is done standing or sitting in the subcutaneous tissue of the abdomen or flank, away from the belly button, alternatively the right and the left.
After thoroughly washing your hands, disinfect the injection site with an alcohol swab.

How to inject steroids:

Create a skin fold between thumb and index finger on one side of the abdomen, away from the navel.

Do not purge the syringe. Insert the needle over its entire length, perpendicular to the skin fold.

Hold the fold for the duration of the injection.

After injection, remove the needle, still maintaining the skin fold. Do not rub. Dab gently with a cotton swab.

How to inject Peptides and HGH:

You should use branded sterile materials.