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Honestly some of the best test c I’ve…

Honestly some of the best test c I’ve ever ran. Got in on a promo and it was just enough to run for 12 weeks. Wouldn’t pass these guys up! These guys are on top of their stuff! They were still in their T/A with Covid going on, so I know they sent out my stuff as quick as they could. Absolutely discreet. Pip for the first few pins, but that is absolutely expected. Ran their stuff at 600mg per week for 12 weeks. Libido was crazy after about 3 weeks, pumps and fullness were there, and my skin got more oily as usual. They have some of the best products in my honest opinion.

Tom P.

Tom P.Customer - June 16, 2021

Very lil communication but fast turn…

Very lil communication but fast turn over time. Discreet packaging. Ordered Genotropin. I started with 3 ius and followed 4 ius a day schedule. 2 ius upon waking and 2 ius post workout. On off days taking 2 ius in the morning and 2 ius in the afternoon. I am getting very nice sleep from it. My sleep has improved but I have a strong urge to take a nap during day. After waking up body is harder and leaner even if I cheat a lil on my diet. My skin is improved. Naturally fresh and looking cool. The injections are done Sub-Q. Legit source and I absolutely love A-Tech.



MikeCustomer - June 02, 2021

Delivery took about a week packed very…

Delivery took about a week packed very well and tight so that not a single amp broke and it arrived very stealth. I had order the 100amps on promo and been using them for the past couple months at 50mg before my workouts. I get a nice boost of energy that feels much cleaner than caffeine and a nice thermogenic effect that helps me heat up and sweat good during my cardio. I would say the product quality is very good and I noticed great amounts of energy And thermo effects and appetite curbing which has given me very productive workouts. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great preworkout that side fat loss. I highly recommend them and love that I can inject them.

Johnny C.

Johnny C.Customer - May 13, 2021

The shipping was fast and prices were…

The shipping was fast and prices were great. I will definitely keep doing business with them and will recommend them to anyone. The communication with this supplier is great any question I had they replied quickly. The package was discreet and well packed tightly so nothing was broke. I ordered Trenbolone Sustanon and Deca all Mactropin. These products are great. Right now, doing 250mg in 1cc of tren and 100mg deca in 1cc. I know you may be thinking why a cutting with a bulking but the results by week 3 are already great can’t wait for more massive results. After my tren is out I’ll be bulking with the sus and deca then back to tren. I want to thank you get BBA for the fast easy and friendly service you have.

Dallas W.

Dallas W.Customer - May 05, 2021

Thank you for the promo it is very…

Thank you for the promo it is very appreciated brother!
Dont hesitate to get your gear here guys keep juicing! Da real deal

Olivier J.

Olivier J.Customer - Mar 22, 2021

Parcel was recieved in about a week…

Parcel was received in about a week from ordering so really good, this was during this corona virus pandemic. Packaging was good, plain and you woudnt be able to tell what was inside. The vials came in individual branded boxes so no chance of any of them being damaged.

Raymond R.

Raymond R.Customer - Mar 17, 2021

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