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Turinabol is a steroid which is administrated orally. That’s why this medication is also called Oral Turinabol. Its anabolic effects are potent, but this medicine has weak androgenic features. The active compound of this product is chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. This preparation began to be manufactured in the 1960s by Zenfarm.

Positive effects of Turinabol

Turinabol is utilized chiefly by athletes to increase lean muscle mass. Undoubtedly, bodybuilders desire to have a nice body with enhanced muscles, but without water retention. This product is an excellent remedy for this goal. Furthermore, this product promotes appetite and gives endurance. Bodybuilders who administrate this medicine avoid fatigue that usually occurs after training. This medicine acts quite quickly. The effects of this medicine are seen firstly in energy and endurance and then, later, they are also seen to increase muscles and body weight – in general.

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It is necessary to be aware that Turinabol is administrated for both cutting and bulking cycles.

This product is also administrated for medical needs. This preparation can cure individuals that suffer of delayed puberty. This product is also taken by HIV patients in case of muscle wasting syndrome.

Measure of Turinabol

Recommended dose of this medicine hinges upon body weight, gender, and other individual factors. An average recommended dosage of this medication is approximately 100 mg per day. The recommended duration of administration of this preparation is 6 weeks. Even if you stack Turinabol with other medications which should be taken longer, you should cease administrating Turinabol after 6 weeks of a cycle. Female bodybuilders have to take lower dosages of this medicine. They usually apply 10 mg of Turinabol daily.

There is a formula which can help you to count the number of tablets which you must use during the whole cycle with this product. It is the following:
0.4 x pounds (body weight) x days = number of tablets.

Undesirable effects of Turinabol

Adverse symptoms caused by Turinabol hinge upon sex, dosage and duration of usage of the product.
Such undesirable consequences as gynecomastia, water retention, and high blood pressure occur quite rarely.
Both men and women who apply this medication report enhanced libido.

Since this medication is applied orally, it passes through the liver. This medication is claimed to be toxic on the liver. This medication may have a negative effect on your liver. It can cause liver failure and even death. It is recommended to consume milk thistle and other proper products during administration of this product in order to reduce liver toxicity.

This product destroys hormone balance. This steroid inactivates the natural creation of testosterone. If Turinabol is taken for prolonged time, the body ceases producing this hormone entirely. Undoubtedly, it leads to serious unpleasant side effects. That’s why this medication must not be taken without proper therapies; the duration of intake should not be prolonged.

It is also known that this product can reduce levels of HDL cholesterol and enhance levels of LDL cholesterol. Reduced HDL cholesterol levels may lead to coronary heart disease. It is dangerous if levels of HDL and LDL are too high or reduced.

Turinabol may also cause testicular cancer, if this preparation is administrated in increased doses for a prolonged time.
Unexpected psychological effects can also be caused by Turinabol. Some of the probable psychological unpleasant results connected with administration of this drug are the following: aggressiveness, psychosis and mania.

Women who take this medicine may suffer from the usual effects of virilization: deepening of voice, baldness, increased growth of hair on body and face, and enlargement of clitoris. That’s why women should administrate this medicine carefully. They should not take the same dosages of this medicine as men. In addition to this rule, they must not take this drug for a prolonged time. If they obey these rules, the risk of virilization in them is reduced.

Warnings related to administration of Turinabol

Users that are allergic to an ingredient of this preparation should not use it. This drug should also not be administrated by individuals who have following diseases:

  • – prostate cancer;
  • – breast cancer;
  • – cardiovascular disease;
  • – chronic liver diseases.

It is also necessary to know that pregnant and breast-feeding women must not use Turinabol.

How can you increase the benefits of Turinabol?

Bodybuilders usually combine Turinabol with certain other medicines in order to enhance its benefits and to achieve better results. Some male athletes state that it is effective to take 50 mg of Turinabol per day, 228 mg of Parabolan per week, and 150 mg of Winstrol Depot per week. This stack is also a good remedy for persons whose body fat content has become low due to certain diets or administration of such fat burning preparations as Cytomel, Clenbuterol, Salbutamol, Triacana, and others. This combination may help them to develop defined and full muscles.

Medical group of Turinabol

This preparation is included to the sex hormone group. As was already mentioned, this medication is useful to cure persons who suffer from delayed puberty.

How must you store Turinabol?

Unfortunately, it happens that people do not follow rules linked with the proper storage of drugs. It may cause unwanted situations, such as when children or pets suffer. That’s why you must always be sure that your children and pets cannot access the preparations you have.