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Fantastic and fast service

Fantastic service. Fast and serius. In 15 Day I got my fourth order, once again perfectlly. Very happy. Body-building-anabolics.is is totally recomended.


MIGUEL G.Customer - January 16, 2024

Returning customer here

Returning customer here, first order had some slight hiccups but tey managed to deliver the goods so i appreciate that. This time however i have paid the amount and shown proof of it, and im on the waiting list for over a week without any updates on my order numbered #62431X. They keep saying it passed it on to the finance team but i asked again about it once and go no replies. Will fix my review score after i get confirmation.

Update 1 , 18 oct: Seems like they are not lying, wire transfer takes a bit longer than other methods, i even called my bank and they told me the payment is not pending,so it is nobodys fault just takes times to process. then again the last time i ordered it was paid the same way but took half the time, oh well, what can you do. I’ll be updating the score when i get ahold of the product and test it out myself, cheers!

Update 2, 28 oct: Product arrived at the 27th, quality just as advertised, would definitely recommend the site again even though i had a big of a hiccup with the package tracker.

Best regards and many blessings.


LazarosCustomer - October 28, 2023

100% Quality goods and service

I give 5 stars because everytime I messaged and had a question I received a fast response. Customer service is nice and informative and kept me updated. My order came quickly and was exactly what I ordered in its original sealed package. I will definitely be returning and using BBA for my orders going forward. Highly recommend!!

Danny C.

Danny C.Customer - September 30, 2023

I’ve found this site through reviews

I’ve found this site through reviews, I checked they have very good score for satisfaction so I tried it. Website is nicely done, one of the best I’ve seen, everything labeled and very easy to navigate, choosing from plenty different storehouses worldwide and convenient payment methods, pleasure to scrolling through the shop. Also support team was fast and active answering all of my questions. Waited some time for my package to arrive but I understand that these things are really hard to come by in most of the countries so I was pleased they arrived nicely packed and in one piece. Waited to give this review because I was sceptical about authenticity of the stuff so I tried one 6week cycle of a****r that I ordered, nothing fancy started on 15 and moved up to 30, experience was mild but for me 0 bad side effects and results are what to be expected on kind of bad diet, gained 2kg of muscle and shed over 1kg of fat so pretty good results and I am happy with the experience. Will shop again, reccomend body-building-anabolics.is 😉



RolobbbCustomer - September 28, 2023

BODY-BULDING-ANABOLICS.is: Fantastic shopping experience and ease of use. Highly recommended

The overall experience was fantastic. Not only do they have a wide range of products but the website includes useful information on how/when to use them. Shopping is very easy and browse through the catalog makes the whole experience very enjoyable. Unlike other websites, the payment process is hassle-free, you can use many different methods to choose whatever you feel more comfortable with. I only had one issue (it was my fault) but their customer support replied promptly and was very reassuring.


PabloCustomer - September 21, 2023

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